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    Foreign exchange annual inspection
    Audit Service
    Capital verification service
    Financial Adviser
    Management Consulting
    Taxation Consulting
      Foreign exchange annual inspection

    According to the foreign exchange administration regulations, foreign investment enterprises must attend foreign exchange annual inspection from January 1 to April 30 each year, and may continue their subsequent foreign exchange procedures and business only after they pass the annual inspection. We will provide you with efficient and excellent service by virtue of our abundant experience and professional knowledge.

    Materials required to be provided by you:
    1. Capital verification report 
    2. certificate of approval and official written reply of foreign economic commission 
    3. business license 
    4. bank statement of foreign currency deposit account 
    5. foreign exchange registration certificate, notice for opening foreign exchange account or approval for opening account 
    6. approval of capital item foreign exchange settlement 
    7. directory card of paying foreign exchange for import and written-off list of paying foreign exchange for import (list printed by foreign exchange administration) 
    8. Written-off list of receiving foreign exchange for export (list printed by foreign exchange administration) 
    9. registration certification for external debt, approval of foreign exchange settlement for external debt, feedback on execution of external debt (provided by enterprises with external debt) 
    10. detailed list of creditor’s rights and debts of foreign exchange account and the subsidiary ledger of this year.

      Audit Service

    a. Audit on interim and annual financial statements of all kinds of enterprises;
    b. Audit on foreign exchange receipts and disbursements statements;
    c. Audit on economic accountability, financial receipts and disbursements;
    d. Audit on liquidation and bankruptcy of enterprise;
    e. Special audit and audit for other special purpose.

      Capital verification service

    As the legal business of CPA firm and CPAs, capital verification will be conducted by us in accordance with the requirements of independent audit standards to help customers to control the risk of capital verification.

    Capital verification for the establishment of partnerships, companies with limited liability;
    Capital verification for the establishment of joint-stock companies limited;
    Capital verification for the establishment of foreign investment enterprises;
    Capital verification for the alteration of domestic or foreign enterprises.

      Financial Adviser

    Our competent personnel have conducted audit business for years, they are familiar with the accounting standards and the relevant requirements for listing of China, and our early involvement may be favorable to find the financial and legal problems required to be resolved as early as we can and provide solutions.

    update important regulations and rules concerning accounting and taxation for you regularly;
    provide consulting service for problems relating to financial, accounting, taxation and important operation;
    design accounting system, act for bookkeeping;
    prepare internal reports such as financial budget and final account and cost analysis.

      Management Consulting
    Our professionals are familiar with domestic and foreign accounting and auditing standards, and they can provide support to your internal audit team including the support to special project or annual audit project.

    Internal audit: we will complete the audit and supervision work which should be done by internal audit teams of enterprises;
    Enterprise performance evaluation: which is used to assess and evaluate the performance and effect design of the enterprise’s controlled companies and departments, or appraisal the internal control system of the enterprise;
    Feasibility study of project and project appraisal;
    Provide professional opinions on enterprise’s restructure, acquisition, merge and reorganization.

      Taxation Consulting

    Since Chinese tax law changes rapidly, how to prevent taxation risks, master up-to-date tax policies and help customers to realize their benefits to the maximum is one of the works focused by us at all times, and by virtue of our professional experience and knowledge, we can provide the most reasonable suggestions to you.

    provide service for the taxation dispute of tax payers;
    Consultation on tax policies and matters concerning tax payment;
    Tax planning;
    Act for filing tax returns.

    TEL:028-66783739  89696221    FAX:028-66783739
    Mobile:13981964009 Email:gs028@126.com
    Add:RM 3,16/F,Building 5, Greenwich Village, No.1, Wangjiang Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
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