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    Service procedure and standard
    Charging Standards (for reference):
    Business Coverage:
      Service procedure and standard

    1. Signing of Agreement
    Sign a contract for acting for bookkeeping to define service items and charges. We established strictly confidential system, and any agency agreement will be signed together with a confidential agreement to guarantee the benefits of customers.

    2. Handover of Vouchers
    Customers assign their tellers/staff to deliver their vouchers required for bookkeeping for this month to us to make preliminarily sorting up, and in order to ensure the work will be done in time, the vouchers should be handed over at about the 20th day of each month.
    For newly established enterprises that have not full-time financial personnel yet, we will help you to open accounting account, establish basic accounting system; compile accounting entries according to the legal original documents provided by customers (purchase & sale invoices, warehousing entries, material requisitions, receipts for money incoming into & outgoing from bank and other financial income and expense documents, relevant economic contracts and so on); make bookkeeping and settle accounts; prepare financial statements.
    Materials provided by customers
    Cash vouchers (travel expenses, entertainment expenses, employees’ wages, social security contribution, communication expenses, freight, postage etc.);
    Bank documents (cash drawing, transfer accounts, credit notes, TT, entry notes, loan notes etc.);
    Invoices (all invoices issued from the 1st day to the 31st day of the month);
    List of VAT (Summary of output items, Details of output items);
    Official seal and stamps required to be affixed on financial statements and tax returns;
    Other information required for industrial and commercial annual inspection and tax annual inspection.

    3. Accounting Disposal
    The accounting accountant will further sort up the vouchers of customers and communicate with customers for any potential problems on the vouchers, and conduct accounting, disposal of accounts and calculation of tax.
    The auditing accountant will review the results of accounting disposal including reviewing the integrity and legality of vouchers, correctness of accounting disposal and legality of tax calculation, checking current accounts and giving accurate appraisal on the hidden troubles in the accounts of customers; fill in tax returns and tax pay-in warrants after review and make sure the correctness of all accounts; communicate with customers in respect of tax payment; and make bookkeeping on behalf of customers.
    Correcting errors – provide service such as correcting errors in accounts due to subsequent accounting mistake because of early improper disposal of accounts.
    Replenishing accounts – disposal of accounts for less tax payment (tax evasion) or excessive tax payment (excessive payment) since customers failed to properly establish accounts early or difference from tax calculation or errors in filing tax returns.
    Settling accounts – provide the most reasonable accounting disposal consultation on enterprise cancellation and liquidation audit or accounting settlement of enterprise alteration or newly registration.

    Filing Tax Returns
    The full-time tax returns filer of the company will deliver the tax pay-in warrants filled in by the auditing account to the customer’s bank of deposit for the transfer of tax while he/she will file tax returns to the state tax or local tax authorities in the taxation registration place.
    We will assign somebody specially to be in charge of filing tax returns and reporting key tax payers of personal income tax via internet.
    We will handle taxation registration, formalities of tax exemption, application of general tax payer and examination and approval of invoice free of charge.
    We will provide professional service for filing export rebates (together with the service of acting for bookkeeping, including or otherwise listing the special services).

    5. Feedback
    We will return the tax receipts, financial statements and tax returns to reconcile with the tellers/staff or other relevant personnel of customers and coordinate the work for next month.
    We will immediately inform and feed back to customers up-to-date financial and tax policies and notices.
    We will hear the opinions of customers through the system of “Monthly Visiting”, and will, according to the need of customers, establish and update special files for customers.

      Charging Standards (for reference):
    Item Charging Basis Charging Standard
    Acting for bookkeeping Filing tax returns General tax payer 500 Yuan/Month at least
    Small-scale tax payer 300 Yuan/Month at least
    Foreign investment enterprise 900 Yuan/Month at least
    Foreign enterprise office 700 Yuan/Month at least
    Designing accounting system On the basis of workload 500 Yuan/times
    Acting for filing tax returns Charging on the basis of frequency 100 Yuan/times
    Acting for industrial and commercial annual inspection Charging on the basis of frequency 100 Yuan/ times
    Acting for taxation annual inspection Charging on the basis of frequency 50 Yuan/times
    Preparing financial annual report Charging on the basis of frequency 200 Yuan/Set
    Designing computerized accounting On the basis of workload 500 Yuan/times
    Acting for various applications Charging on the basis of frequency 100 Yuan/times
    The above charges will be determined through negotiation in accordance with the industry, workload and tax category.
      Business Coverage:
    Most of our customers are export traders, shipping agents, petrochemical industry enterprises, construction and decoration enterprises, information and electronic enterprises, real estate enterprises, investment consultation enterprises, and foreign enterprise offices resident in China; we provide financial consulting service meeting the requirements of customer’s industry and self need, and really present the soul of “tailored” service.
    We will, subject to the requirements of customers and based on the professional audit plan, provide efficient audit service for you. In addition, we will, through our abundant knowledge about various industries, help you seeking for the development space of the company, correcting defects and improving the company’s internal control system, and provide efficient value added service for you.
    TEL:028-85512660  89696221    FAX:028-85512660
    Mobile:13981964009 Email:gs028@126.com
    Add:RM 3,16/F,Building 5, Greenwich Village, No.1, Wangjiang Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
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