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    About Us
    Our Philosophy
    Our Culture
    Our Service
    Our Qualification
    Our services are provided upon the principal
    Build-up of Professional Team

    Chengdu enterprises registered in the first Kerry Services Ltd.offers such services as financial/taxation consultation, tax planning, internal control, risk management, acting for bookkeeping/reporting tax returns, special service for export rebates, registration of enterprises with domestic or foreign investment, small and medium enterprise financial/taxation consultation service; plans financial and tax affairs for customers to provide the most appropriate solutions; and assists customers to realize their targets.

    We have certified public accountants, certified tax agent, British chartered certified accountants and other professionals who have plenty professional knowledge and practical experience in enterprise finance and taxation, and have established broad network with the relevant governmental authorities and other industrial agencies and maintain good and close communication relations and channels with them which can assist domestic and foreign customers in satisfying the requirements of Chinese law and regulations and successfully extending their operation and promoting enterprise development.

    In order to become your trusted financial/tax adviser and guarantee offering excellent, professional and confidential service, we promise that we will assist our customers to collect and deal with required information, properly submit the appropriate solutions and suggestions for decision-making reference at any time, in any place, and on any exercisable project.

    “Good faith, professional, trustworthy, and efficient” is our principle and target, we will abide by our promises to win your trust and grow together with you.

    Our Philosophy?/span>
    As a specialized and professional financial/tax consulting service agency in Shanghai, we are committed to provide professional financial/tax service for small and medium enterprises in Shanghai. Our goal is to help each and every customer to grow and achieve success.
    Our Culture?/span>

    By virtue of our professional knowledge and experience, we will help our customers to achieve success, and finally evolve a respectable financial and tax service company.

    We abide by the business ethic of “Customer First”, and focus our operation on meeting the fundamental requirements of customers at all times.

    We respect everybody, abide by the principle of rewarding upon effort, advocate employee lifelong system, and continuously improve the welfare of employees.

    We respect fellow traders, respect industrial rules, maintain commercial ecological system, keep fair and mutual benefit relations with customers and all partners at all times, and multi-win is our common goal.

    We abide by the moral code of requiting kindness with kindness, and will always not forget those who had ever helped us, in particular when we are in trouble.

    We refuse any short-term behavior, don’t care for temporary gain or loss, and get alone with and communicate with customers, friends and colleagues for the long-term purpose of the Company and individuals.

    We are good at studying and absorbing new knowledge, and applying them rapidly to our work.

    We have clear service quality concept, present strictly professional level in customer service, and by which we bring up working carefully practice of employees.

    We are committed to the working attitude of going back to the source of everything, pay attention to particulars, and don’t take things lightly and act hastily.

    We treasure resource, and consider extravagance in any form as moral crime.

    We pursue excellence, and believe that only with the gradually increasing of our enterprise scale, industrial prestige, professional level and management, the activities helpful to the development of customers will be continued and our ideal will not become a dream.

    Our Qualification?/span>
    Our Service?/span>
    We provide excellent financial and tax service, utilize famous financial software system to set up a professional information platform, our services include: acting for bookkeeping, financial and tax consultation, tax registration, file tax returns, attend tax meetings and tax audit work as an agent, and assist in handling capital verification, audit, industrial and commercial annual inspection, consultation on the registration of companies with domestic or foreign investment, and act as an agent for enterprises to purchase invoice, handle export rebates and file tax returns via internet.
    Our services are provided upon the principal?/a>
    Good faith, professional, trustworthy, and efficient
    Build-up of Professional Team?/a>

    Under the leading of an experienced China certified public accountant and certified tax agent: more than 15 years financial and tax practice and management experience in large and medium enterprises, accountant/tax firm; familiar with financial and tax laws and regulations, has unique viewpoint on the accounting disposal of enterprises in commercial and trading industry, investment and consulting service industry and real estate industry; good at tax planning and designing internal financial system, and providing reasonable tax avoidance plans.

    General auditing accountant: has more than 30 years financial and tax practice and management experience in large and medium enterprises; has ever acted as the financial manager and director in enterprises with domestic and foreign investment; has good professional background and ethics; familiar with financial and tax laws; good at accounting disposal and internal audit of enterprises.

    Accounting accountants: respectively have financial working experience in Shanghai domestic and foreign investment enterprises/representative offices and working experience in acting for bookkeeping for years; familiar with dealing with accounts, building and following customer files. They have been trained strictly, work hard, and have enough professional quality and good professional ethics.

    Tax returns filer: has working experience in filing tax returns for years; has good professional ethics; familiar with regulations concerning tax returns in each district of Shanghai; good at matters concerning filing tax returns such as export rebates; and has close relations with those who are specially assigned for tax administration in competent tax authorities.
    Operation and customer business director: senior partner of the company, MBA; more than 15 years working experience in large and medium state-owned/private enterprises, overseas public companies; senior management experience in joint ventures/wholly foreign-owned enterprises; have enough knowledge and understanding of enterprise wholly operation, investment, M&A, marketing, risk control and legal affairs; provide customers with reasonable suggestions on operation.

    Experienced ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) auditing adviser: financial/tax working experience in multinational foreign investment companies for years; the professional advisor of the company specially assigned for foreign investment companies.

    Telephone::028-85512660 Fax:028-85512660
    Address:RM 3,16/F,Building 5, Greenwich Village, No.1, Wangjiang Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu, Sichuan, China Click to view the road by car
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